Testimonial - Fast Recovery and Minimally Invasive Hernia Repair

Video Transcript

My name is Gary Hatfield. I am originally from Oklahoma but now in Brookings, South Dakota. I teach statistics at South Dakota State University.

What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?

In our free time we like to see our granddaughters. I have one in Kansas City and one close to Houston, so it doesn't happen very often. But a long weekend or semester break, we’re down there playing.

What Recent Procedure Did You Have At Brookings Health Sytem?

At Brookings Health System I recently had an umbilical hernia repaired with mesh. I elected to use the da Vinci robotics system.

Who Was Your Doctor For the Umbilical Hernia Procedure?

My doctor was Dr. Jeffrey Johnson. What I liked most about him, he was always calm, and during our visits, he would explain procedures, what's going to happen, and he always answered all my questions. He was very patient with me, I had lots of questions. This was something I wasn't sure about. But he always reassured me, he was always calm, level-headed and easy to talk to.

Why Did You Decide To Have The Umbilical Hernia Procedure?

I had my procedure mainly because visiting granddaughters, I felt like I wasn't able to get down on the floor and play as much as I wanted to, or carry them around the zoo for long periods of time. So I thought it was time to at least get a professional opinion on did I really have an umbilical hernia? And then what can we do about it?

What Was The Day Of Your Procedure Like?

The day of the surgery started early. I think I was scheduled first. So we arrived at the hospital, and what I remember most was how friendly and nice everybody was. They always made sure I was comfortable, whether it was in the prep room, or getting ready for surgery. And I have to admit, the last thing I remember is laying down on the surgical table and then waking up, going from the recovery room back to my prep room. In between there, everything went well.

What Kind Of Support Did The Brookings Health System Staff Provide You?

The Brookings Health System staff provided a lot of support. Getting me settled in the prep room, getting the IV, they were always very nice and made sure I was comfortable.

What Was Your Recovery Like?

I was back to my normal routines fairly quickly after surgery. I'd say the day that I didn't experience any pain, I was going up and down stairs.

What Did You Appreciate About Having Your Procedure At Brookings Health System?

One of the things I really appreciated about having surgery at Brookings Health System was the fact that they always made me feel comfortable. And the recovery and the surgery went so well, that I usually wouldn't do something like this, give a testimony, especially on video. I'm a very private person. But I feel so strongly that it needs to be advertised, that the da Vinci robotics system works wonders, and it's fast recovery and minimal invasive just like it's advertised.