Testimonial - Gallbladder Removal Surgery with da Vinci Robot

Video Transcript

I'm Claud Hacker. I live in Brookings, right out south of Brookings. I'm an avid golfer. I enjoy stained glass work and wood work with exotic woods.

Why Did You Need Gallbladder Surgery?

The reason that we had the operation to remove the gallbladder was after three serious gallbladder attacks. Two of them ending in the emergency room, and two more that . . . Luckily, knowing Dr. Holm, took care of me, and took care of what I needed. That was the most painful thing I have ever went through.

How Did You and Dr. Holm Decide on Surgery?

The gallbladder is where they narrowed it down, and after four attacks, we decided that it was worth having it removed, and he recommended Dr. Oey to do the procedure.

How Did Dr. Oey Help You Through the Surgery Process?

Part of my experience with Dr. Oey was the pleasure because she was very open, made me feel very comfortable, and completely explained what was gonna happen, and how everything was gonna work. I left her office feeling very good.

What Was the Day of Your Procedure Like?

The procedure was done with the da Vinci robot, which Dr. Oey felt was a much safer and better way of doing the procedure.

The day of the operation or the procedure that I had was show up at the hospital, they checked me in. They gave me some shots, wheeled me down to the operating room. I went out and I was done, and next thing I know, I woke up, and when I could function they felt I could walk around the circle twice, they sent me home.

How Was Your Pain Managed?

Part of the reason we did the da Vinci System, Dr. Oey said there'd be a lot less pain and recovery time. Well, I think the day I got out of the hospital I took one pain pill, the next day I took one pain pill, and the third day I was back doing everything I needed and haven't taken a pain pill since. There is very little pain doing the da Vinci System. It's no scars, no pain.

How Did the Pain Compare Before and After the Procedure?

Pain before the procedure was intense when the attack would come on, and like I say, I would end up in the emergency room. After the procedure there was no pain. I haven't had any pain. Within two days I was back doing everything I wanted, playing golf or whatever, and had no pain of any kind. She recommended not lifting anything over fifty pounds but, my golf clubs don't weigh that much.

What Support Did the Staff Provide?

The Brookings Medical Center, the hospital over there and their staff are absolutely fabulous. When I go over there for this gallbladder removal or a colonoscopy, it's more like going to visit friends than it is. The care you get there is unbelievable. They care about you, not just for you. The care that I felt they gave me, not only medically, but personally and mentally. They are just a group of people who care period.

Would You Recommend Brookings Health System?

I would recommend Brookings Health Care System to anybody who needed any kind of medical help because of the care that they can get up there, and the caring people that work up there. They care about you, not just for you. I love those people over there.