Testimonial - Inpatient Healthcare Services

Video Transcript

Mark: I'm Mark Sternhagen. I am originally from Scotland, South Dakota. I've lived in South Dakota my whole life. I'm currently semi-retired from South Dakota State University, and I also have a small computer consulting company. 

Why were you hospitalized at Brookings Health System?
I contracted some sort of a bug. It was back during the week when it was so hot and muggy and my air conditioner didn't really keep up and I just basically dehydrated, weak, and just kinda wore out by it. I did end up using...having to call the ambulance. Didn't really find anything serious. Again, I think it was mostly...they did give me two units of blood along the way, and one the first time I was there and one the second time. And I just think I was anemic and run down. 

What do you remember about the ambulance ride?
They were very professional and friendly, you know, that's the thing that I have to say about everybody along the way is, you know, again having worked...experienced a lot of hospitals and medical staff and stuff like that, I was really impressed by how friendly and actually genuinely willing and wanting to help and take care of you and stuff. I really felt that along the way, all the way. And the ambulance drivers were just great, you know? And I'm not, you know, the easiest to get in and out of things and stuff, and they really did a great job. 

How was the Brookings Health System care team?
They answered my questions and then when I had deeper...I'm like, "I don't quite understand what you're talking about," they were very good at explaining things and, "This is what we're doing, and this is how it is, and, you know, why we're doing this," and things like that. Very good at that. And just really happy and kind of just a general atmosphere of caring and good feeling. You know, one of the things when you're in the hospital, people tend to be a bit depressed and things like that, and it's really encouraging to have people like that are very positive, that are trying to be helpful. 

Why do you feel that Brookings Health System's team provides great care?
Part of it I think is connection with SDSU. You've got...a lot of the staff was young and, you know, energetic. But even the ones that weren't as young and stuff, really seemed more positive. But I believe part of that comes from hiring, having all these young, energetic people, because it tends to push upwards, if you will, you know, that energy and stuff, and I really think that that's a positive. You know, the people working there, you know, could identify, or I felt, identified with you more, and it certainly gives it an advantage over, let's say, a big city hospital or something like that. 

How was your recovery?
I was much stronger, much ready to be home and stuff like that. And things have gone much better. You know, when I was in the hospital they did work a little bit with OT and PT. But when I did come home the second time, things have gone much better. You know, much stronger and I was definitely more ready to be here. 

Would you recommend Brookings Health System?
I certainly would definitely would recommend the Brookings Hospital. I would recommend it over the 45 minute drive to Sioux Falls whenever possible. And I just feel like they took as good of...better care than I probably would've any place else. And definitely nice that they're just right here and you could do that.