Testimonial - Local Compassionate Imaging Care

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Carol Johnson, and I have a lot of hobbies. I love gardening and plants and I love crafting, sewing and cross stitch, knitting and making dog collars.

How Were Your Previous MRI Experiences in California?
My first MRI I had to drive 25 miles, when I couldn't even stand up, with a stick shift  to go have it, and I actually had to be carried in and out because I couldn't walk. And I got halfway home and they called me on my cell phone and said I needed to come back because they forgot  to do the saggital views. So I had to go back on Monday to do something that was so obvious.

What Imaging Procedures Did You Receive at Brookings Health System?
I had an MRI on my right shoulder because the X-ray showed something wrong with it.

Why Did You Insist to Have Your MRI at Brookings Health?
Oh, I insisted I wasn't going to Sioux Falls to have it done. Well, I've had my knee MRI'ed, I'd have my back MRI'ed and I had no problems with that area. When I had  to go to Sioux Falls to see the neurosurgeon for the first time, I got five miles out of town, I was in so much pain from driving, I started crying. To have an MRI which I can have here and I know they do a good job, why would I want to go to Sioux Falls.

What Did You Appreciate Most About the Staff?
People that work there are wonderful. It's convenient for me I just live down the street and timeliness in return of the report is great.

Did the Staff Help You Feel Comfortable?
Oh, they make sure you're totally comfortable. When I had to have the shot for the contrast of my back MRI I barely felt it. She stops the machine and put it in and you know I don't really like shots very much and I really didn't even notice it.

Was Information Easily Shared Between the Imaging Staff and Your Doctor?
I know I had it on a Wednesday and I got called Friday morning with the results. And with my shoulder, they were already transcribed the same day I had it done.

What Did You Appreciate Most About Imaging at Brookings Health System?
They comfort. I'm relaxed. I don't feel I'm thinking about my pain or worrying about what the results are going to be or anything. I'm completely distracted by personalities of the people that are doing it. And the big surprise was getting a thank you card, and I said that to Mary Jane who sends thank you cards, I don't think anybody has ever sent me a thank you card, and then I got another thank you card. How sweet is that?