Testimonial - Local Physical Therapy Experience

Video Transcript

I'm Barb Murra. I'm actually from Brookings for the last 40 years. My husband Gene and I and our children have lived here for a long time and I am a realtor with Best Choice Real Estate here in Brookings.

What Procedure Did You Have At Brookings Health System?

On September 17 of 2014, I had both my knees replaced, and they had been really bad for a long time and I have finally got the courage to have it done and I am so happy that I did.

What Did You Appreciate About Your Patient-Doctor Experience?

I appreciated the fact that he was very sincere and very personable, and I thought he really helped me make a decision about what should be done and I had thought about having both knees done at the same time, but I was actually afraid to ask as I thought he would that I was stranger than I am, and he suggested it because he said I had done a fine job by wearing both knees out right at the same time.

How Was Your Recovery And Therapy Experience?

The hospital and the physical therapy clinic offered a pre-surgery consultation and they give you the option to go or not go. And I chose to take up on it and I think that was lot of the reason I wasn't afraid and that I knew what to expect. The physical therapy while I was in the hospital, they were great. I had it a week, then I had two weeks at home, and then I had about 4 weeks here at the hospital.

How Did The Staff Support Your Recovery After Surgery?

I mean they made it just a pleasure and I almost ran in here every other day to have physical therapy. But I had some calls, I don't remember who it was exactly who called, but I had some follow up with people just calling to say 'How are you doing?' 'How are you feeling?' and I thought that was pretty nice and also from the clinic where the doctor works they called me to make sure everything was going well. And then you see the doctor in a week after you get out of the hospital and then I believe it was a month and then 6 months, now a year. He said he watched me walk in the parking lot and I was walking perfect. When I went I could barely get out of the car to walk in to the clinic.

What Did You Appreciate Most About Your Physical Therapy Experience?

It was so much smoother than I ever thought it would be. I didn't know because I never had surgery really before, and I didn't know what to expect. But I always thought it would be really bad and it was not, it was not a bad experience at all. And I think I knew the outcome had to be better than what I was living with for so long.

What Advice Would You Give Someone About Therapy?

Do you know how many people I have talked to before and after who just said, "Oh, I just didn't need to go to physical therapy." Now that I had mine I can say that really isn't smart. It really isn't. They provided for you, why not take advantage of it and do it. Because it's going to determine the kind of the rest of your life. Because you don't want to have it done again.

Would You Recommend Brookings Health System?

Whether it’s minor or major I would certainly want them to consider coming here, especially if they are from here and their family is going to be here because having your family and your friends be able to come in and see you and visit with you, I think really helps to get you well faster too.