Testimonial - The Neighborhoods at Brookview

Video Transcript

My name is Pat Hansen and we moved here about three and a half years ago from Big Stone City where I was a teacher. I retired and we just decided "Let's move to Brookings" because my mother is here and we have a couple of daughters here too.

What Is Your Connection to The Neighborhoods?

At The Neighborhoods here, my mother lives here. She's right around the corner down on Pine in the Pine household.

How Would You Describe the Atmosphere at The Neighborhoods at Brookview?

Just look around you. It's so homey and comfortable. Each neighborhood has their own kitchen, fireplace, large screen T.V.'s. They're decorated beautifully. And it's just like home. Is basically what it is: it's like home.

What Do You like Most About The Neighborhoods?

Private rooms for my mom: they are very spacious, and the bathrooms are gorgeous, very nice and very clean. I love the idea that mom can get up whenever she wants. And if she wants have breakfast at noon she can. And if she wants to have hamburger and fries at dinner instead of the salmon they're serving, she can. She can pretend she's at McDonald's, I guess. So, yeah, it's just so, so wonderful for her, and for all of them.

What Support Does the Staff Provide?

The staff, they are very loving, very caring. They are hard working. I can't say enough about them. They are so friendly. They really care about the comfort of the residents. They care that my mom is comfortable and happy. They really do.

How Does A Resident-Centered Culture Help Residents?

Actually, I think it's great because my mother does not have a voice so I am her voice, and my voice does matter. They listen to you, and that's very important. I appreciate that.

How Do The Neighborhoods Compare to Brookview Manor?

The Neighborhoods is a happy place. It seems to be. Of course, the care is the same as what it was before, but it's just so homey and it's just so comfortable. I could hang out here all day long and be happy. I really could. That's the honest truth.

Why Do You Volunteer?

Because I like to be with the residents. I love to be with the residents. I love to be with the staff. Volunteering is good for everybody. It makes the soul just feel so much better. It's just a fun thing to do. It is. I would recommend volunteering any place. Pick what you're interested in and just go for it.

What Kind of Volunteer Work Do You Do?

We do crafts three or four times a month, and do that in the afternoons. I will take residents out and about. We go out to eat. And if there's a certain resident that wants to do something, I'll go with them and we'll go and have some fun.

Would You Recommend The Neighborhoods?

When the time comes if you need nursing home care, this is the place to be. It would be an awesome place to hang out. It really would be, and I mean that sincerely.