Testimonial - Professional and Convenient Imaging Care

Video Transcript

My name is Brianna Zwaschka. I'm from here in Brookings. I am a compliance officer at First Bank and Trust here in town.

What imaging procedures did you receive at Brookings Health System?

I had three ultrasounds, and I had those because one was just routine and then they weren't able to get all the pictures they needed at first one because he wasn't positioned right. And then the other extra one I had was because I have a fibroid and so they needed to monitor that to make sure there weren't any issues.

What did you appreciate about the Imaging Staff?

I thought the ultrasound staff was just so nice and friendly, and they were really professional. They did a very good job letting me know what I was looking at, and kind of guiding me through the process.

Did you feel informed about your prenatal health?

I did feel comfortable and informed about my prenatal health. I always felt like I was free to ask any questions that I needed and everything I think was explained to me sufficiently.

Was information easily shared between the Imaging Staff and your doctor? 

I would see Sherry Trudeau for my regular checkups, and so at that time I even had a question about that ultrasound, and she was able to get in touch with the ultrasound techs and she got back to me just right that same day with the answer to my question. So I felt like there was good communication between her and the imaging department.

What did you appreciate most about Imaging at Brookings Health System? 

What I appreciated most about the ultrasound experiences is that it was just really convenient. So it's right here in town and the wait time was pretty much nothing. I got in here, checked in, I had to wait a couple of minutes then I was back there. So that's really nice that it didn't take a lot of time out of my work day, especially right before you're going on a maternity leave. That's pretty important.

Would you recommend Imaging at Brookings Health System? 

I would recommend Brookings Health System for people for prenatal care, because like I said it's just so convenient to have it right here in town. And the service is, you don't sacrifice any service for the convenience. So yeah, it's a good choice.