Testimonial - A Safe, Comfortable Delivery

Video Transcript

I'm Jezra Kinner, I'm from Lake Benton Minnesota. I work at the post office and I enjoy painting and playing with my kids.

Why did you choose your docot at the Brookings Health System?

Dr. Gudvangen was my doctor, there was a gal, couple of months before we had our daughter that just could not stop saying wonderful things about him and just the care there. She said "I would recommend anyone going there," She had a few complications with her pregnancy. Mine all went well, but she said he was very knowledgeable, and kept her calm and everything, so I was like, "Well, sounds good to me." 
How was your delivery?

Delivery was awesome. To compare it to my first, it was a lot easier kinda knowing what to expect and it was really helpful, the staff and stuff, explaining everything, any issues we had or questions. Yeah, it was great, it went really well.

What’s your memory of Keni’s birth?

I was convinced that she was gonna be a boy the whole time unless someone asked me then I wouldn't tell 'em a straight answer because I don't like to be wrong. So while I was actually pushing, after the first push I said it's gonna be a girl, it's a girl.  
And then the nurse said, "Oh! we can see hair, she has...or it has hair," and he said, "And she's gonna be so cute!" So, yeah, it was very emotional. My husband was very emotional when she was born.

How did the staff support you?

They were kinda like cheering on and giving me updates because obviously you can't see everything that's going on. Dr. Gudvangen, he told me to push like hell, that was his advice and the nurses all said that too so, it was good. I mean it was... They were very...let me know what was going on pretty much.  
How did the staff support your decision to breastfeed?

They helped me make sure she get's a good latch, they were there to help me if I needed them, they weren't...they didn't hover at all because I'm more like, I wanna figure it out on my own. I did end up calling them in though, breaking down and calling them in. And they're just very, I don't know, they just made it a lot... It was a very comfortable setting. 
What did you appreciate most about Brookings Health System?

I loved my nurses and of course my doctor, he wasn't there as long but all the all the  nurses were wonderful, keeping me updated on what exactly is going on, making sure I had everything I needed. Anytime they thought maybe I would need pain meds after I had Kenny, and like I said I felt good so I didn't think.... 
One of my nurses was like, "It's always good to be pro-active," and she was right because I said no and then about 10 minutes later I called her back, so they definitely know what they're talking about. They're all just, I don't know, they just made me feel really comfortable. They were just a wonderful bunch of people. 
Would you recommend the Brookings Health System?

I would definitely recommend it. Had wonderful care. The nurses were great, Dr. Gudvangen is super knowledgeable, explains everything as you go, and just makes you super comfortable and this day was wonderful.