Testimonial - Same-Day Cataract Surgery

Video Transcript

I'm Rae Jean Gee and I live in Brookings. And for my free time, I like to go to SDSU wellness. I like to garden, I'm an avid floral, what should I say, flower lady?  
What procedure did you have at the Brookings Health System?

I had the cataract surgery done at Brookings Health System, and I needed it done because my optometrist told me I should have it done. My eyes were already to have it done.

What led to your cataract surgery?

My vision was very cloudy. In fact, I couldn't see very clearly through my glasses anymore. So I knew I wanted to have something done.  
Why did you choose Brookings Health System?

I did it because I sort of felt like I knew these doctors a little and at coffee, when I had coffee with my friends, they said, "Rae Jean, all these doctors are good here in Brookings at Yorkshire clinic. Have one of them do it."  
What do you appreciate about Dr. Knudtson?

Dr. Ken Knudtson was my doctor and I appreciate that he showed kindness, he shook my hand when I first met him. He seemed to care and I asked him a couple of questions because he said, "Do you have any questions?" And i said, "I do." and I asked him, "How soon could I get in?" and he said, "You can get in next week if you want." And I was very surprised by that because he said, "Usually, I'm full, but I do have a space next week." I said, "I'll take it."

When did you decide it was time for eye eurgery?

I never contemplated. I went to my optometrist here in Brookings, Jason Jahn and he told me, "Your eyes are ready for cataract surgery." The next day I called Dr. Ken Knudtson. So I didn't contemplate at all.

What would you say to someone considering cataract surgery?

I wouldn't tell him not to wait to find a time because it takes two weeks for them to heal and Dr. Ken Knudtson told me I probably needed a month and I had just one month before I was gonna be traveling to Italy and it just seemed like the right thing to do.  
What did you notice about Italy after your eye surgery?

I was in Italy two weeks and we took 35 people from South Dakota. I was there two months ago also on a pre-trip. It was much easier to see all the bright colors. The bright colors showed up the best and my eyes are so good now. It makes me want to tell people, "You shouldn't wait, you will enjoy life so much better, you'll be able to read everything without thinking you can't read, and you'll be able to see bright flowers, bright everything." Colors are so amazing, yes. I walked out of the hospital after the first surgery and I said to my daughter, "I can't believe how beautiful it is out here."  
What support did the staff provide?

Everything that they did was positive and very enthusiastic, and I guess I just love people that have that kind of energy and they were kind. Kindness really pays off. And I think they have the support of each other up there because the second time I had it done, I had a different nurse and she was just as good as the first. I had different nurses in the recovery room or in the surgery room as well. I remember every one of them. They were all so good. I had no pain at all. I went back to my room and the nurse fed me a breakfast that I wanted. Coffee was my favorite thing and we walked out of the hospital, this is my daughter Jessica and I, and I just went on my daily routine, no pain. I actually went to a party that night. So,I felt good.  
Would you recommend cataract surgery at Brookings Health System?

I would recommend Brookings Health System for surgery, for cataract surgery especially, because I've gone through it and I know how good it is, and they make you feel ease, and comfortable, and I really appreciate it.