Testimonial - Supportive, Convenient Care

Video Transcript

I'm Brianna Zwaschka. I'm from Brookings here, and I have a three-year-old daughter named Viola, and I have a nine-week-old little boy named August right here. Viola is definitely very spirited. She's a probably typical three-year-old, really happy, active, keeps us busy, and then August, we're still getting to know him, but he's a happy little baby.

Why Did You Choose Brookings Health System for Delivery?
I choose Brookings Health System to deliver because I did want to deliver here in Brookings. I didn't want to have to worry about driving anywhere while I'm in labor. The delivery was pretty routine. We got induced, so we came in on a Tuesday night, and everybody was really good with making me feel comfortable, letting me know what was going on. That was kind of scary for me to get induced so they told me what was going on every step of the way. And then yeah, the delivery was normal too. I think everybody was just really nice and helpful. 

How Did the Staff Support Your Desire to Breastfeed?
Giving the baby to me right after he's born before they're doing any kind of testing or weighing or anything and giving me that contact skin-to-skin time for a couple of hours before anything else happens, and they leave him in the room all night long with me, and they don't give him a pacifier right away. And also, just the nurses were really good with helping make sure that the latch is good and giving me tips and letting me know what to do. And even during that first hospital stay and then during the checkup, the nurse worked with me. I was there for probably an hour and a half and she was helping me out and making sure that I had a good start and not just saying, "Okay. You look good. You can go." She was making sure that I was confident.

What Did You Appreciate Most About Your Delivery Experience?
What I appreciated most about my labor and delivery here at Brookings Health System was the personal attention that I got. Whatever I needed, somebody was there to help me, and I think you maybe wouldn't be as likely to have that kind of personal attention maybe in a bigger city.

Would You Recommend Brookings Health System?
I would recommend Brookings Health System for families who are considering labor and delivery here just because it's so convenient to stay here in town and you don't sacrifice any quality of care for that convenience.