Testimonials - Attentive Care

Video Transcript

Bruce: What I remember most about the ambulance ride was how attentive the paramedic was. Like I said earlier, I had a stroke, I'm not able to communicate with anybody other than saying, "I don't know," and the paramedic took the time because it was a, you know, it was a drive down to Sioux Falls and he was just making sure that I was alert. He didn't ignore me. He tried to have a conversation with me and telling me about the ride and there's gonna be some bumps here and, "We're coming to a stop," and "We've arrived at the hospital," and you know, "Here's what we're gonna do next," and so on and so forth. I was very impressed with that.

Going Above and Beyond

Bethany: I tell all my friends like, "You should go to Brookings. They're really nice." I really liked my OB-GYN, OB doctor. Really nice, really encouraging and the staff at the hospital is...they really go above and beyond. They treat you like a person. You're just not another patient to them. They really focus on you and any problems that come up, you know, like I said they're ready to, you know, they're hand in hand with you, step by step. They're ready to take it on whatever is going on with you. They're ready to jump up and say, "We're ready, we're here. We're gonna help you."

Feeling at Home

Ted: The way you felt at home from the first moment you walked in, they made you feel at home, you know, they explained everything what was going on, did a very, very nice job of explaining what was happening, what was going to happen, what you were going to see, you know, over the course of the next eight weeks. And just did a very nice job of making you prepared for everything you were going to see.

Emotional Support

Jennifer: When you go to a place that has wonderful staff, it's easier, you know. And they are just, you know, the Brookings Health System is just wonderful. They are there when, you know, if he's having a rough day and, you know, bloodwork isn't easy, you know, sometimes it's hard for me and they turn around and give me a hug and go, "It's okay," you know, and they're just...they're wonderful.

Personal, Patient-Oriented Care

Lynn: What I appreciate most about the staff here at the Brookings Health System is how personal it is. And I will admit that a lot of the staff here probably know me because I have lived in Brookings all my life, but I have a feeling that every person here gets that kind of personal care. It doesn't matter if they know you or not, this is...they are so patient-oriented and understand what it takes to heal. That would be what I appreciate the most is the very personal care you get here.