Testimonials - Caring for People Like Family

Video Transcript

Victoria Byrne: This is the first hospital I've ever had where I felt like they were a part of my family. They wanted me to be well, not that everyone doesn't want you to be well, but they took it a step further than just being professional. They thought of me as if it was their mommy or their sister lying in bed, and that's how I felt like I was cared for.

The Human Side

Jerry Ellingson: I never experienced that before in any setting like this here. It's usually always just business, business, business. This was...there was a human side very much so here, and I truly appreciate it.

Not Just a Patient

Brenda Krahn: When I walked in the door, they called me by name. It was an individual, not just a patient. They made sure I was comfortable, and a lot of times, they would ask me how I was doing, and they would genuinely want to know how I was doing. It wasn't just saying, "how are you today" and expecting, "oh, I feel good" or whatever. They really wanted to know how I was feeling.

Feel Like a Person

Jenn Anderson: I would absolutely recommend Brookings Health System to anyone for any procedure, for any reason. But I'll tell you the reason why is because you feel like a person here. You feel like they care about you and how you're doing and it's not about you being a patient, it's not about we're trying to make money off of you or you're just a number or anything like that. It's they genuinely want you to have the best experience that you can possibly have, especially in the OB. It's a whole sort of really holistic experience. But also they just genuinely care about making you as healthy as you can be.

It's Just Like Home

Pat Hansen: Just look around you. It's so homey and comfortable. Each neighborhood has their own kitchen, fireplace, large screen TVs, they're decorated beautifully. It's just like home is basically what it is. It's like home.

A Home Experience in the Hospital

Victoria Wakeman: And to find that after all these years was just such a pleasant surprise and it was almost like having a home experience in the hospital.

Like You're One of Their Own Family

Jennifer Kampmann: I would recommend Brookings Health System especially if you're someone who values relationships and getting to know your care providers and feeling like they're taking care of you like you're one of their own family. I would definitely recommend Brookings Health System.