Testimonials - Emotional Support

Video Transcript

Answering All My Questions

Gary Hatfield: My doctor is Dr. Jeffrey Johnson. What I liked most about him, he was always calm. During our visits, he would explain the procedures, what's going to happen, and he always answered all my questions. He was very patient with me. I had lots of questions. If there's something I wasn't sure about, he always reassured me. He was always calm, level-headed and easy to talk to.

Calming My Nerves

Sara Larson: I appreciated that it was so comfortable, and that they were able to calm my nerves about the whole thing. They just kind of made me feel like I was going to be okay and there wasn't anything to worry about.

Keeping Me Informed

Brianna Zwaschka: The delivery was pretty routine. We got induced so we came in on a Tuesday night and everybody was really good with making me comfortable, letting me know what was going on. That was kind of scary for me to get induced, so they told me what was going on every step of the way. And then, yeah, the delivery was normal too, and I think everybody was just really nice and helpful.

Feeling Prepared

Alecia Burgard: If I had any advice for any first-time parents, I would take the birthing classes at the Brookings Health Center. It had a lot of good information. Things that you can always read on the internet, but it's nice coming from a professional that knows what they're doing. Got to know one of the nurses that I will possibly see when I give birth, which was great. Just had a lot of good information and I feel very much more prepared after having taken that class.

I Wasn't Afraid

Barb Murra: The hospital and the physical therapy clinic offer a pre-surgery consultation, and they give you the option to go or not go and I chose to take them up on it. And he was so good, answered all my questions, explained everything, and I think that was a lot of the reason I wasn't afraid, and that I knew what to expect.