Testimonials - Personalized Care

Video Transcript

"They Care About You Not Just For You"

Claud Hacker: It's more like going to visit friends than it is. The care you get there is unbelievable. They care about you, not just for you.

"Feels Like Home"

Nicole Biever: It's a small hospital, so there's a lot of personal attention. It's a place that feels more like home than a lot of the bigger hospitals in the region.

"They Really Do Care"

Carolyn Cotton: Those nurses are great, and they just do get you settled in before the surgery, try to make you comfortable, make it so you're not nervous, and afterwards, the care was awesome. They really do care.

Advantages of a Local Hospital

Kristin Coon: You get a real towel like you use at home. The food, you get to order what you want just like you were at a restaurant. They have all these choices for all meals versus in Sioux Falls you get what everybody gets. And then also just that Dr. Hopper was my doctor throughout the pregnancy. She also delivered my baby, it wasn't a different doctor delivering Emily.

"Catered to Your Individual Needs"

Vikki Robertson: It's a smaller hospital so the staff treats you more by name than just a number on a chart. That's important because your staff is a little more catered to your individual needs and they're able to look after you a little bit better.

"Like a Person and Not a Number"

Melissa Otteson: The Brookings Hospital staff was amazing. They made me feel like a person and not a number, and I felt like their care was awesome. They took the time and effort with me, answered all the questions that I had. I just really felt like I was their number one priority here, and they didn't have another person to care for but myself.

"They Genuinely Cared About Me"

Linda Peterson: I didn't feel like I was a patient. I felt like I was a person, and they genuinely cared about me and how I was recovering and not just another patient.

Benefits of a Local Hospital

Melissa Kahler: I chose to have all my children at the Brookings Health System because A, it's local so I don't have to worry about driving 50 some minutes away to have a baby or if I'm worried about being in delivery, and when you're having your first baby, that is the least thing I want to worry about is how fast I can get to the hospital because you don't know what to expect.

"They Watched Over Me Like My Own Mom Would Have Done"

Tom Chase: The care was excellent. All the nurses were just great. They watched over me like my own mom would've done, as far as I'm concerned, and made sure I had everything I need and I was comfortable.