Testimonials - Progress Lives Here

Video Transcript

How do you feel about Brookings Health's expansion and renovation project?

Lynn Darnall: I think it is not only needed at our hospital, but I think it will be a great asset to our community. This hospital already is an asset to our community. And just to expand and add even more, I just think we're very fortunate in Brookings. And I think that they will do that expansion in a very responsible, fiscally responsible way and I think it will be excellent for our community.

What makes Brookings different?

Ted Smith: It's exciting that we're having an expansion and renovation in the Brookings area. You see so much of consolidation in the healthcare industry into the large hospitals, in Sioux Falls, in this area, into Mayo, whatever it may be. To be able to get the care in your local hometown I think is very exciting and a great thing.

How do these improvements affect the community?

Barb Murra: I talk to a lot of people who aren't familiar with Brookings, who maybe are coming here for a job interview and I take them around, And they're just amazed when they see our hospital, because Brookings isn't a really large town. We like to think we are, but we're not really that large. But we have this wonderful hospital facility. And I guess I just think that with the new expansion and the renovation project that they're going to be going through, it's just going to keep us right up there. And we always like to say, "We're someplace special," and I think the hospital will be even more special than it is now