Testimonials - Quality of Care

Video Transcript

Supportive Staff

Nicole: The nursing staff was really helpful. During my delivery, they came in and they advised me and provided me medication that I would need after the delivery. I think there's a lot of support here at the Brookings Health System. The doctors are wonderful, the nursing staff is really helpful. I really like the staff that they have here at Brookings.

"Everything Went So Smoothly"

LeeAnn: While I was in the hospital, the staff was wonderful. They were seeing what they could do for me several times a day. It was actually kind of relaxing. What I appreciate the most about my experience with the Brookings Health System and the da Vinci robot was everything went so smoothly from the time I checked in until the time I checked out. And my recovery time, they were available to me, they made me feel very secure in the fact that what we were doing was the right thing to do. And I just really appreciate the whole Brookings Health System staff and everyone that helped.

"She Knew Exactly What to Do"

Holly: But you could see that her training just kicked in right away and she knew exactly what to do and it was amazing how once it happened, all of the sudden all of the staff just started coming in and doing exactly what needed to be done, but they were very good about telling me what was going on and what would be happening.

"They Didn't Wait Around"

Tom: They didn't wait around just to see if it was something minor, they went right to work and they got the surgeon in there right away too. He was in there within 15 minutes and they had me on the X-ray machine and the CAT scan immediately to find out what the problem was. The surgeon was really good. He didn't him and haw, he went right to me and gave me the honest information about what needed to be done and we went right to it and got the first surgery done that night, on the Friday night I came in.

"The Extra Mile"

Melissa Kahler: They go the extra mile. That's just something that makes you feel really good and they just...I don't know, it's just you and the baby. And if you need a rest, they take the baby. And it's so nice to have that.

"Knowledgeable Nursing Staff"

Melissa Otteson: The nurses here are so knowledgeable in their years of experience, there's a lot of them I know that have just tons of experience and it shows in their care and they really walk and talk you through everything that you need to know. And I just feel like just between the staff and the facility and everything, there's just no comparison.

"The Compassion and the Care"

Linda: I would really encourage every woman to stay on schedule and get their mammogram. And if something does happen to, by all means, feel very confident in the care that they're going to get.

I was having a very hard time waking up, and in addition to that, I'd had a very bad migraine, so I did hear a lot of what the nurses were saying and I don't think I had ever encountered, I don't know what my nurse's name was, but the compassion and the care that she showed all during the night, that first night after coming back to the room and starting to wake up, she was absolutely phenomenal.