Volunteering at The Neighborhoods

NBV.jpgThe Neighborhoods at Brookview offers the best in professional nursing home care in Brookings by providing personal, spiritual, and medical care in a safe and comfortable environment. Our volunteers help us in our mission to provide high-quality, compassionate, personalized care to our residents. 

Community Volunteers

Volunteers from the community play an important roll in assisting our residents. Areas The Neighborhoods at Brookview volunteers can assist with include:

Activity Assistance

  • Arts and crafts
  • Cards or board games
  • Action games
  • Hair care, nail polishing
  • Exercise program assistance
  • Help with outdoor walking
  • Help with special events
  • Baking
  • Reading to a resident
  • Write letters for a resident
  • Help serve coffee/snacks
  • Pet visits
  • Newspaper reader
  • Gardening help
  • One on ones
  • Outings/Shopping companion
  • One on one outings
  • Musicians

Staff Assistance

  • Assemble information packets
  • Make copies on copy machine
  • Help with mailings
  • Decorate Bulletin boards
  • Help plan activities
  • Labeling clothes

SDSU Adopt-A-Grandparent Club

Nursing home resident and SDSU college student pose for the camera while working together on a fleece tie-blanketResidents can be matched with a college student through SDSU's Adopt-A-Grandparent Club. The program helps give residents a sense of purpose and belonging while allowing them to build a personal bond and relationship with a young person. A nursing home resident is matched with a student volunteer based on mutual interests. The student commits to visiting with their adoptive grandparent for at least one year and spend a minimum of one hour per week with their resident. In addition, the club hosts large group activities for the residents on a monthly basis.

SDSU students interested in adopting a grandparent should join the Adopt-A-Grandparent Club first. Students will need to go through Brookings Health System's volunteer requirements.

Volunteer Requirements

Before individuals will be allowed to volunteer at The Neighborhoods at Brookview, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Completed Volunteer Application. 
  • Proof of MMR records (two dates) or receive a booster/titre**
  • Current TB skin test/2nd step (within the last year)**
  • Seasonal influenza vaccination**
  • Background check*
  • OIG check*
  • HIPAA video training and signed confidentiality agreement*
  • Review Brookings Health System's Infection Control Policy*
  • Completed training applicable to specific volunteer position

*Conduct by Brookings Health System's human resources department
**Administered by Brookings Health System as needed

For more information on becoming a volunteer, please contact the Human Resources Volunteer Coordinator at (605) 696-8063.