Out-of-Pocket Estimates

To help patients plan their finances when appropriate, Brookings Health System offers out-of-pocket estimates for planned and routine hospital services like medical imaging, same-day surgery and childbirth.

Our staff can generate an out-of-pocket cost estimate for a patient based on their health insurance plan. The estimate gives the patient an idea of what they may expect to pay. Because each person’s medical needs are unique, estimates may fluctuate up or down.

Unplanned hospital services, like emergency room visits and inpatient care stays for illness recovery, differ greatly from person to person. Because these out-of-pocket costs vary so much based on the individual, Brookings Health System is unable to offer out-of-pocket estimates for these services at this time.

To find out if an out-of-pocket estimate is available for a service, please call (605) 696-8888.

Out-of-Pocket Estimates from Insurance Companies

Brookings Health System highly encourages patients to also obtain an out-of-pocket estimate from their health insurance provider. A health insurance provider can supply out-of-pocket estimates for:

  • Any professional fees from a physician’s office
  • Any out-of-network costs
  • A comparative estimate on Brookings Health System services

In addition, a health insurance provider can spell out which costs are covered by the insurance plan and what costs will be the patient’s responsibility.

More information about how to request an out-of-pocket estimate from your health insurance provider can be found inside Understanding Health Care Prices: A Consumer Guide.

Please call your health insurance provider to request an out-of-pocket estimate from them.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses Explained

Learn how insurance companies determine what you owe out-of-pocket for your health care services based on your health insurance coverage.