Payment Assistance Resources

For uninsured or underinsured patients, the following resources may be able to assist with paying health care bills.

Pediatric Resources

Kelly McGeough Foundation: helps families in the Brookings County area whose children are undergoing catastrophic illnesses or medical situations. Expenses may include hospital/doctor billings, travel and food accommodations and other family support needs.

Prescription Drug Resources

Needy Meds: web resources for people with no prescription drug coverage that provides a listing of brand and generic drugs available through pharmaceutical assistance programs.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance: helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicine they need for free or nearly free.

Medical Bill Resources

Brookings County Veterans/Human Services: assists veterans and citizens of Brookings County in fulfilling unmet needs, including assistance with hospital bills.

South Dakota Department of Social Services: provides a wide variety of medical programs for people of all needs and ages, including Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollment.

South Dakota Department of Human Services: offers a wide variety of services and programs for individuals with disabilities and seniors needing long-term care.

My Neighbor: helps families in Brookings County get through financially difficult times, manage a financial crisis, and restore their ability to live productive lives.

Brookings Health Financial Assistance Program: offers assistance for individuals who do not qualify for government programs but still have a demonstrated financial need.