No Doubts About Local Orthopedic Surgery

Video Transcript

My name is Katie Hoogwerf and I'm from Volga, which is eight miles west of Brookings. I like to walk and I like to read and I play the organ and I like to play with the grandchildren. We go to the gym. We enjoy that.

How was knee pain affecting your daily life?

I've had this knee pain for a year, but it was about the last six months that I really couldn't walk. And that's another thing, we like to go to the gym in Volga and I couldn't do that either. We live a block, not even a block away from church. We had to drive because I couldn't do it.

What made you feel comfortable with Dr. Mayer and robotic assisted surgery?

It was on Facebook, this picture came on of Dr. Mayer and said he was a new orthopedic doctor. And I thought, then I don't have to go to Sioux Falls. So yeah, and that he does robotic-assisted surgery. I thought that sounds good too. And then he did sort of an informational session here in the hospital and we came to that. He showed it all and told us how perfect it can be, you know, how you don't make mistakes with it because they do this CAT scan and so it's set up for your knee. I thought it sounded really good.

Why was local surgery important to you and your husband?

My husband doesn't like to drive in Sioux Falls. If we go to Sioux Falls, he'll drive down there, but in the city I have to drive because he doesn't like to. And so I knew after surgery I would not be able to drive. We never did want to go to Sioux Falls for our surgeries and stuff because it's close by, you know? And why drive 58 miles when you're just eight miles from here? Yeah, it wasn't even in our mind to not do this.

How was your hospital stay?

It was really good. The nurses are right there when you need help and everything is right in your room and you have your room all by herself and plenty of room yet for visitors. It's such a nice place. My primary doctor said, "I don't know why anybody wouldn't want to go to the Brookings hospital. It's beautiful." And it is. It's so nice and big and airy and clean. Everybody is very friendly.

How was your recovery?

I did therapy, physical therapy, for three times a week at first and then gradually went down to two times a week and then ended up with one time a week.

How did surgery help your knee?

Oh man. After the surgery, I got up out of bed and I could walk with no pain. It was amazing. Couldn't believe it. People told me it would be that way, but, you know, it's hard to believe when you're suffering with pain. And I suffered with that for a long time because I wasn't really ready for surgery. I had a lot of surgeries in my life and I just didn't think I needed another one, but I did.

How did your activity level improve following surgery?

I can do a lot more. I can even cook and bake better than what I could because I couldn't stand very long. So I can do everything now, including mopping the floor. I don't do it on my knees, you know, but I can mop and I can vacuum and I can do steps. It's a lot better.

Would you recommend robotic-assisted surgery at Brookings Health System?

I would, in fact, I did to my brother and he had his done too. And he doesn't live here, he lives 140 miles away. He came and his turned out really good too.

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