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Name Birthday Parent(s)
Axel 6/13/2021 Chelsea and Kyle
Cristel 6/13/2021 Yorleny & Kevin
Roya 6/8/2021 Krissa and Patrick
Leif Franklin 6/8/2021 Kelsey and Jeffrey
Jane 6/7/2021 Victoria and Nathan
Bode 6/7/2021 Maggie and Kyle
Jett 6/7/2021 Maggie and Kyle
Vera Lee 6/4/2021 Kerstyn and Chad
Ramsey 6/4/2021 Renae and Tony
Shivee 6/2/2021 Vimmy and Bipin
Ridge 6/1/2021 Chad and Kelsey
Cooper 6/1/2021 Paige and Matt
Naia Grace Ella 5/31/2021 Gabby and Andrew
Aubrey 5/27/2021 Scott and Amber
Parker Austin 5/26/2021 Hanna and Austin