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Hey Kids, Hand Washing is Good, Clean Fun!

Winter 2019

Woman and child washing hands imageDo your kids resist washing their hands? Is it hard to get them to wash well and long enough to make a real difference? It’s no wonder, especially when 33% of adults don’t wash their hands after using the restroom, and only 5% of adults wash their hands the recommended 20 seconds!

Children Benefit from Brookings Health System ENTs

Winter 2019

Dr. Thomas Tamura Image
Dr. Thomas Tamura

Children who get frequent sinus and ear infections can suffer from high fevers, painful headaches, earaches, and sleepless nights. Continued

suffering often leads to parents seeking help from an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. 

Taking on Sepsis

Winter 2019

Sepsis ImageSepsis is one of those words that strikes dread in many hearts. But what exactly is sepsis, and what can be done about it?

Basically, sepsis is the body’s toxic, often life-threatening response to an infection.1 While generally healthy people might develop it, sepsis can more severely impact the most vulnerable among us – the very young, the elderly, and the sick. 

"I Felt Like I Was Home"

Winter 2019

Lindsay Haleta
Lindsay Haleta

Lindsay Haleta is a pharmacist who has always been pretty healthy. So when she ended up in the ER at Brookings Health System with what she

thought was a cyst, she didn’t think it was a big deal. 

Patient Depends on Collaboration and Access to Local Services

Winter 2019

Susan Rufer Image
Susan Rufer

Susan Rufer has had a very challenging 10 years. Her thyroid quit functioning. She has balance troubles and migraines. She had Alzheimer’s

symptoms. At one point, she was practically comatose. She was bedridden and had to stay with her sister in Kentucky.

Celebrate Our Foundation's 10th Anniversary

Winter 2019

Brookings Health Foundation Infographic ImageThe Brookings Health System Foundation is celebrating our 10th anniversary on December 30! We plan to mark the occasion by kicking off a year-long celebration. As part of the festivities, we will showcase the many ways your donations to our nonprofit Foundation have impacted Brookings and the surrounding area.

Erase the Years as the New One Approaches

Winter 2019

Botox Patient Brochure ImageAre you frustrated with frown lines and crow’s feet? Give yourself a gift this holiday season! Erase a few years of age as you ring in the new year.  How? With Botox from Näva medical spa, an aesthetic medicine clinic and part of Brookings Health System.

Receive a FREE Hearing Screening!

Fall 2019

Receive a FREE hearing screening, courtesy of Midwest ENT!

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Fall 2019

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Welcome ENT Dr. Jonathan Mellema!

Fall 2019

Brookings Health System is proud to welcome Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist Dr. Jonathan Mellema, M.D., of Avera Medical Group Specialty Care to the medical staff!