Activities Update

  • Spring 2017


2017 has sure been busy for the residents and staff at The Neighborhoods. Before we know it summer will be here! We have kept busy the last few months with a variety of indoor/warm activities: movies in the great room, sing-alongs, church services, tie blanket making and much more. The monthly activity calendar offers a wide variety of large group activities and events on a daily basis. Not to mention the spur-of-the-moment things that take place on the three neighborhoods daily.

One change that did occur this year has been the Catholic Communion service on Sunday mornings. Before Catholic residents were brought down to the chapel to take part in the communion blessing. Many times, however, some residents were unable to attend due to a wide variety of reasons. After discussing this situation with the volunteers that bring communion, it was decided to take communion room to room for the Catholics on Sunday mornings! This has been a huge success as now all Catholic residents receive communion weekly!

I hope the next few months find you all well. Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and a Blessed Easter!