Enhanced Surgical Care with Hospital Expansion [Julia Yoder]

Video Transcript

Julia: Hi, I'm Julia Yoder, the Marketing and PR Director at Brookings Health System. I'd like to welcome you to Brookings Hospital. One of the service areas we've included in our recent expansion and renovation project is surgery. I'm joined here today with our Operating Room and CSR Director, Candy. Candy, what can you tell me about the area that we're at here?  
Candy: What we're in currently is what we call the same-day care area, and it provides the 12 private rooms for pre- and post-operative care of our surgical patients. It's also a nice design in that patients can still experience the comforts that they did of a regular hospital room. It has their own TV and the stretchers are outfitted just like a hospital bed. 
Julia: And so, we have three new OR rooms, too. What can you tell me about those?  
Candy: Yes, we do have three enlarged OR operating theaters now, and the operating rooms are fantastic. We have them designated as certain rooms, although all three operating rooms are available for any type of procedure, whether it be general surgery, ENT, urology, orthopedic.  
We have a designated c-section room that is always setup, ready to go, for emergency-type c-sections. We have a designated robotic room where we keep our robotic equipment, and then, we have a designated orthopedic room that provides the space that orthopedic procedures require.  
Julia: And there's also two new procedure rooms. Why were those added?  
Candy: We wanted to add the procedure rooms because then we could provide an option for patients who are undergoing minimal, diagnostic procedures, such as colonoscopy and EGD. This way, they would not have to be intimidated by going into an OR area. We also have one procedure room that is designated for outpatient ophthalmology surgeries, such as cataracts and blepharoplasty.  
Julia: So for patients who come here to have a procedure, what changes will they notice and what's remained the same?  
Candy: What we've always strived for is to provide quality, safe, and personalized patient care, that remains the same. I believe this new setting just will enhance that.  
Julia: Thanks for sharing, Candy. If you would like to learn more about surgery at Brookings Health System, please visit us online at brookingshealth.org/surgery