Healthcare Built Around a Community

Video Transcript

Why was a local hospital important to you?

Andrea: I think it's nice that they are local, first of all. I appreciate that. They're people who I can run into on the street and whether or not we know each other, they're still my neighbors. They're people that I would greet and that would be friendly. Brookings as a whole is a friendly, amazing place. And so I know that the people who are there are the same kind of people. They went into health care for a reason, you know, they're people who care about what happens to you as a person.

Why did you choose Brookings Health System for kidney stone removal?

Andrew: I prefer to have as much done locally as I can. I mean, I've had surgeries in Rochester and Sioux Falls, and you know, this minor one in Brookings. But it's, you know, close to family. You don't have to worry about traveling back and forth if there's any complications or any problems at all with that. So I just live down the street on 3rd Street so it's like it's my neighborhood. And the people here are really nice and they're competent and they know what they're doing. And that, you know, it gives you the assurance, you know, that when you go in for a procedure that you feel comfortable with the people that you know, and that you have confidence in their ability to do it.

What support did the staff provide?

Rae Jean: Everything that they did was positive and very enthusiastic. And I guess I just love people that have that kind of energy. And they were kind. Kindness really pays off and I think they have the support of each other up there because the second time I had it done I had a different nurse and she was just as good as the first. I had different nurses in the recovery room or in the surgery room as well. I remember every one of them. They were all so good.

What do you remember about the ambulance ride?

Mark: They are very professional and friendly, you know, that's the thing that I have to say about everybody along the way is, you know, again, and having experienced a lot of hospitals and medical staff and stuff like that, I was really impressed by how friendly and actually genuinely willing and wanting to help and take care of you and stuff. I really felt that along the way, all the way. And the ambulance drivers were just great, you know, and I'm not, you know, the easiest to get in and out of things and stuff and they really did a great job.

Would you recommend Brookings Health System?

Kelly: Definitely, I would recommend Brookings. Like I said, it's a smaller facility. People may think that maybe it's not as good because it's smaller but I think the smaller facility is much better because you're going to know them, they're going to know you. If you've had multiple children here, they're going to remember you and you build a relationship with your care team and that's important. No matter if you're having a baby or you're having a heart attack or anything, just the comfort of walking in and seeing people you know, and knowing that they know what they're doing is priceless.