Pediatrics Surgery Experience

Video Transcript

When it comes to care, our biggest priority often comes in the smallest patients. This video will provide information and a tour of your child’s surgery at Brookings Health System.

The day before surgery, a Brookings Health System nurse will call to review the procedure. The nurse will ask questions about your child's medication, allergies, and past health history. They will also explain where and when to arrive, and anything you need to bring. Feel free to ask any questions on your mind about the surgery or recovery.

The morning of your child's surgery, you will check in at the front reception area. And then, our outpatient services staff will get you registered. From there, you will be escorted to your child's room, where a nurse will prepare your child for surgery. The anesthetist will visit you and your child, and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child's anesthesia.

Next, we go to the OR area. You will be asked to confirm your child's name and date of birth, while they receive a special friend to be with them during the surgery. As your child heads into surgery, a nurse will stay by their side answering any questions or just providing a warm smile and comforting hand, as our experienced physicians begin the procedure. When the procedure finishes, your surgeon will come out to meet you and update you on how it went, while a nurse stays with your child and monitors them in the recovery area. And when your child is ready, they will return to the room they were at before surgery, accompanied by you and a nurse.

When it's time to go home, our staff will explain any care instructions you need to know. The next day, a Brookings Health System nurse will call to check on your child, answer any questions, and confirm any follow-up appointments.

As you get ready for your child's surgery at Brookings Health System, you can help your child with a positive surgery experience. If old enough, let your child pick a favorite blanket or a toy to pack, something to give them a sense of home. As a parent, display a calm, soothing manner is important to help decrease any anxiety your child may be feeling. Encourage your child to ask any questions or share any fears they may have. Let them know it's okay to have these feelings. Plan to be there for your child and provide comfort. The OR nurse will contact you the day before your child's scheduled procedure, but you can talk with our staff anytime about questions or concerns by calling 605-696-7777 or 605-696-7720 after hours, and ask for the ER nurse.

At Brookings Health System, inspiring health is what we do and we consider the health of our smallest patients our biggest privilege.