Testimonial - Attentive, Local Lab Services [Linda Kuipers]

Video Transcript

My name is Linda Kuipers. I live in Arlington. I enjoy doing genealogy and I also like to do artwork.

Where do you go for primary care?

I go to the Arlington Clinic and we have a nurse practitioner there, Tonya Froehlich. And she is very professional and I really like how she communicates with people. She makes you feel very comfortable and very at ease. And she is very knowledgeable. I can ask her a variety of questions about if I am having difficulties. And she takes care of it right away. She's just very professional.

What procedures do you receive at Brookings Health System?

I have my blood drawn there. And the reason is because I have problem veins that are hard to find. And the clinic in Arlington referred me to the clinic here at the hospital. And I went in there and I had Deb the first time, and I beg for Deb every time that I go in there because she makes it so easy and she is just so nice.

What staff do you work with?

I usually see Deb and that's because she makes me feel really comfortable when I go and see her. I feel like she is not going to stab me a million times trying to find my vein. The last time I came to have it checked, which was last fall, Deb was on her way to break and I happened to see her in the hallway and I was just going across from where I checked in. And I said, "Deb, are you going to do my blood?" And she goes, "I am on my way to break." And I said, "Would you please do it?" And she did. She stopped and she says, "Yeah, I will." You could see she had plans, she was probably going to meet someone, but she did do it and she did it with a smile.

Is information easily shared with Arlington Medical Center? 

Tonya Froehlich just gets the results later on the same day that I go and I can either go see her that day or the next day and everything is there. I haven’t had any trouble with that.

Why do you have lab work at Brookings Health System?

The reason I go there is because it's speedy and it's quick and they get there...you can ask for your results also, which I did not know you could. You have to sign a release form, but they will bring them out to you. You have to wait 15 minutes and Deb will bring it out and show it to you. Which I was very impressed with, I liked that. She took the extra time to bring it out and tell me that I could get it, and to bring it out and sit down. And she went through to some of the results with me.

What makes the Brookings Health System Lab special? 

It's nice when you can say there is a lab that specializes in that, that will help you if you do have hard to find veins or whatever. And they make it so easy. Now, another thing Deb did that was so nice was before when I was in the hospital, Dr. Oey wanted my blood drawn right away when I came in for my gallbladder surgery. And Deb came and did it. She said, "I saw your name and I came up." Yeah, she knew I had trouble and I was a little nervous about that. Yeah, it was just as nice as could be. I just thought that was real special of her.