Big Changes to New Beginnings [Julia & Amanda]

Video Transcript

Julia: Welcome to New Beginnings Birth Center at Brookings Hospital. I'm Julia Yoder. One of the areas in our new expansion is OB. Joining me today is one of our OB nurses, Amanda. Amanda, we're standing in one of the new deliverys suites. What can you tell me about them?
Amanda: This is one of our labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum rooms, which is fully equipped to take care of the patient before, during, and after delivery. Each room has a private bathroom, with a whirlpool and a shower. Each room also has cordless fetal monitors as well as a Bose speaker.
Julia: So the number of birthing suites has increased with the hospital expansion.
Amanda: Yes, we currently have five labor, delivery and recovery rooms. In the old unit, we had three, so we're able to accommodate more delivering patients at a time.
Julia: What other changes are in the OB unit?
Amanda: We have a private elevator that we can discreetly bring our patients up for admit and down for discharge, as well as a family room that is centered on entertainment for siblings. We also have a dedicated postpartum assessment room where we can evaluate our moms and babies when they come back two days after discharge.
Julia: You've made changes to New Beginnings Baby Cafe, the breast feeding support group as well. Can you tell me about those?
Amanda: Yes. It is now held on the OB unit. That way, our moms and babies that are here in the unit can meet with other mothers and babies in the community, and get breast feeding assistance. It is now two days a week on Tuesday and Thursdays.
Julia: What stayed the same from the old unit?
Amanda: We are still baby-friendly, meaning that we have adopted policies and procedures so that we can encourage moms to breast feed their babies. We also still have a volunteer doula program where they can help parents through laboring, delivery, and the postpartum period. We still listen to our moms and their birth plans so that they can the birth experience that they want.
Julia: What's been the response from parents since the move-in?
Amanda: They really like the spacious rooms so that they can accommodate their visitors and family, not having to move to a different room in the recovery period. Our patients also think that it's a very homey atmosphere to stay in.
Julia: If you would like to learn more about OB services at Brookings Health System, please visit us online at Or to have your own personal tour of New Beginnings Birth Center, please call us at 605-696-9000.