Breast Health with Ultrasound-Guided Cyst Aspiration [Rachel Janes]

Video Transcript

My name is Rachel Janes. I am a nurse at the Avera Specialty Clinic here in Brookings and my husband and I live over by Hetland, South Dakota. We have a son who graduated high school last year and we just really like to do anything outdoors that includes hunting, fishing, spending time together, anything like that.

What procedure brought you to Brookings Health System?

I had bilateral breast cyst aspirations done. So one on each side, basically.

What is ultrasound-guided cyst aspiration?

So a cyst is basically a pocket of fluid in an area of tissue, which in my case was in my breast. And they do make self-examination difficult because you can feel them and so it's confusing as to whether it's a lump or what is what it is. Between my doctor and I, we decided that after two mammograms and another ultrasound, that maybe I should have them aspirated or drained. And basically, what it is that they use the ultrasound machine to precisely guide where the needle will go to withdraw the fluid out of the cyst or the pocket.

Why did your provider recommend this procedure?

I've had dense breast tissue my whole life and so it's nothing new to me. But actually the cysts were found two years ago on a mammogram. With dense breast tissue it's very difficult, first of all, to see anything on imaging and differentiate between, you know, whether it's a lump or a cyst or something else. And then as the person doing your self-examination, it's really hard to know whether it's something that's always been there, something that's different, something that's attached to something else. And so it's hard to make sure that you're doing a good job. And then they were painful at times and stuff too and she's just kind of like, "you know what, let's just be done with them. So, we can do this."

Why did you choose Brookings Health System for your procedure?

Well, for ease obviously, and then you can take the least amount of time off of work. But then also, I did find out that the doctor that did my ultrasound and read my mammograms down in Sioux Falls actually comes up to Brookings on a weekly or monthly basis. And so it was just kind of a win-win. It fit really well and it worked out well.

How was your recovery?

It was an in and out recovery. I went right back to work that day. The next couple days there was a little bit of tenderness, but nothing that you really had to do anything for. Just be careful.

How did the staff support you?

When I checked in, they were very friendly, professional. The girls back in the ultrasound department, even though I'm in the medical field, it's very different when you're the patient and you have all these things running through your brain and very patient, very understanding, answered all my questions to the radiologist that did everything. He was very patient and again answered all my questions and kept reassuring me that you know, everything was going to be fine and kept asking me if it was hurting or anything. So, no, It was very good, very good.

What did you appreciate most about Brookings Health System?

For me, just the ease of being able to come here. You know, Sioux Falls is great, but it is a trek and to have to take extra time off work and have that all lined up. Just being able to come here and do it and know that it was a quick in and out deal and you get the same good results then that was a win-win.

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