CT and MRI Help Diagnose Cause of Abdominal Pain [Nadine Poppinga]

Video Transcript

My name is Nadine Poppinga, and my family and I live in Brookings and I am a farm marketing manager with Hurley & Associates.

What brought you to Brookings Health System?

I had been experiencing some abdominal pain for a week or two, and I thought...we were going out of town for the weekend and I thought I should get that addressed before we leave for the weekend. And I actually called that morning and Julie Cameron was available and I was able to get right in and see her. She referred me over for an x-ray that same day. And upon that visit review of the x-ray, she then referred me over to Brookings Health System for a CT scan that same day. And I was maybe somewhat surprised that they just immediately got me into those next appointments the same visit, essentially. So I was impressed by that.

What were the results of your CT scan?

The CT scan revealed that I had some diverticula that were inflamed and it's just, it's a digestive issue and certain foods can bother you at different times. They easily were able to treat that immediately with antibiotics, and I could just go on about my weekend and my regular schedule.

Why was it helpful to have your CT scan locally at the hospital?

You know, the first thing that pops into my mind is do I need to go to Sioux Falls? Is it going to be another day, another couple of hours off of work away from my family? You know, I just wasn't sure how that was going to be. So it was a real benefit and just so seamless just to come here to the hospital immediately and get that taken care of.

Why did the care team refer you for an MRI?

When the CT scan was being read, they also noticed that I had some lesions on my pancreas at the same time. They were small, as it seemed in the CT read. And they then referred me for an MRI about a month later. That service also was able to be done here at the hospital. Again, it was very convenient. I did that over a lunch hour and it just was, again, a seamless process. And I felt like it was a privilege to have that level of care right in our community.

What did you learn from the MRI?

And they will now just be monitored annually. And they're part of my preventative care every year. It was nice to get that reassurance so quickly. Within really a month's time, we found out what they were and were able to address them as much as possible now.

How did the imaging team communicate with your primary care doctor?

It was just shocking to me how quick everything was. When the services were done, I think within a business day I had the results of the CT scan and the MRI was also very quick. And when my, you know, regular doctor got back, she was able to review them right away. And it just...it was just so seamless and efficient, I felt like. The scans were done here at the hospital, but they were very quickly sent over to Sanford. And there really wasn't any difference to me had I gone down the hall at the same facility and had that done versus going across town and electronically, they could connect all the information that they needed to very easily.

What did you appreciate most about your experience?

I've never had an MRI. I've never had a CT scan and the staff here was very professional. I knew exactly what to expect with those services here. I was fully aware of how long they would take and when the results would be read. There was never a crowded waiting room. It was just really easy, and then just the ease and the reporting back to me and my doctor so that we knew what the next steps were. So I can't imagine getting these types of services any better or any faster, anywhere else.

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