Home Health Services Restores Confidence at Home [Marie Jo Tietjen]

Video Transcript

Well, my name is Marie Jo Tietjen. I'm from Volga, South Dakota. And I lived in Brookings for about 35 years while I worked at the Brookings Medical Clinic as an X-ray technologist. I enjoyed my work a lot.

Why did you seek home health services?

I turned 82 last October. Bob is 84 and he has, unfortunately, developed macular degeneration, which is getting worse and he doesn't drive anymore. After my hip surgery, I just asked Dr. Rothrock, I said, "I think we're gonna need a little help because he isn't able to drive."

How did home health help you recover after surgery?

They give me the dates, the time, and approximately how long they would be there and what we would be doing. So I knew each day as I woke, what time that they would be there. They were always absolutely on time, practically on the minute.

What services did home health provide?

There would be occupational therapy one day, then we'd have physical therapy one day, and then Kris would stop in and check and do my vitals, see how everything was going there. I even had a bath lady, which was wonderful. And the physical therapist, she came every day and we did work out. She gave me a paper to do at home. So I really appreciated the time that they would come and spend the hour with me. I went to a cane and the occupational nurse had me walk up and down the driveway. And I thought that was amazing. And she helped me get in and out of the car, and so I was ready to go.

How did the home health services impact your recovery?

I felt stronger each day, more confident each day. And they were very good at explaining why they were doing what they were doing. The physical therapist had me balance on the sink at home and raise up and down on my toes. And I'm still doing that today to keep my strength up. And she did show me how to use a step stool to get into the bed safely and out of the bed safely, which I really appreciated because my bed is higher. It was those little things that they helped me so much with.

What were your recovery goals?

One of my goals was to get back to being able to drive because although we have three sons in town, they're all working. So if I needed to take Bob somewhere or I needed to be somewhere, I was able to drive again. And they were able to get me back driving within about two weeks. And I really appreciated that.

How is your recovery today?

I'm able to do all my duties at home now, able to do all my laundry and grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning, and I have no pain. And I attribute that to helping me get back on my feet.

What did you appreciate most about home health?

Their kindness, their care, they made personal contact with me. All the girls at occupational therapy, there would be a couple of different ones, but kind of got to know each other. They were very friendly and the girls at physical therapy, and then Kris was always my backup girl. She was the one that released me and told me I could come and see her anytime.

What advice would you give to someone feeling nervous about home health care?

They didn't disrupt anything certainly. And they gave me such good ideas and I just felt comfortable with them. Sometimes there were magazines laying on the coffee table and stuff. No, I didn't feel that anyone would be judgmental at all. They were there to help you in all honesty that there is no problem there.

Why would you recommend home health services?

Because of the excellent care I got...excellent care and got back on my feet much sooner than I feel I would've if I did not have them there to help me.

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