Testimonial - Personalized Convenient Care [Brenda Krahn]

Video Transcript

My name is Brenda Krahn. I'm from Arlington, South Dakota, and I work as a Manager at the 1481 Grille in Arlington. I like to crochet. I also like to work in my rock garden and spend quality time with my kids.

What Was Your Diagnosis Process?

In August 2013, I went in for an annual blood panel with my local clinic, found out that my white count was low. A month later, they asked me to come back and have it checked again, so I went in and my white count was very low. So, they sent me down Sioux Falls. We did a biopsy, found out that I have APL Leukemia.

What Procedures Did You Have at Brookings Health System?

I had ten weeks of chemo at Brookings and I would have lab every day. I would have an EKG, three times a week there. I also have them change my bandage. I have a TriFusion catheter and so they change my bandage and my caps. Right now, I'm still going in about once a week for blood work, that will continue on. Blood work will be once a month for me for the next two and half years.

Why Brookings Health System?

I couldn't imagine having to drive down Sioux Falls, five days a week, a hundred eighty miles round trip for ten weeks. And so I asked if I could have this done at Brookings Hospital, and it was a great relief when I found out that they could accommodate my needs.

How Does Brookings Health System Coordinate with Sioux Falls?

We would do labs in the morning and EKGs. Those findings were sent down to Sioux Falls, and then I would wait in the chemo room for the results and to get the okay for chemo, and while I was waiting there I could watch TV. The nurses always made sure I had a warm blanket and a Diet Coke because they knew me very well. And then that I would watch on my Nook, I would watch movies or I would watch TV, things like that.

What Do You Appreciate Most About The Brookings Health System Staff?

When I walked in the door, they just called me by name. It was an individual, not just a patient. They made sure I was comfortable and a lot of times they would asked me how I'm doing, and they would genuinely want to know how I was doing. It wasn't just saying, "Well, how are you today?" And, you know, expecting, "Oh, I feel good or whatever." They really wanted to know how I was doing.

They are great to work with. I worked with, from the receptionist to the ER nurses, the lab. I worked with the cardiology, even the front desk scheduling appointments for me and they always made sure I got in right away. The ER or receptionist always made sure that I got in to the room right away and then I didn't wait, not even five minutes and the ER nurse was there and taking care of me.

They were just so pleasant and just so real when you walk through the door. Even if I wasn't their patient, they would come in and at least say hi to me, asked me how I'm doing, visit with me, or asked me what I was watching on my Nook, things like that. They just really cared. They just, you're not just a patient, like I said you're an individual.

They should be really commended for what they do because they made a bump in the road or bump in the journey of life, just a lot less rough for me and I'll be seeing them for the next two and a half years, once a month and I'm sure everything will be the same.