After a Fall: Care and Communication During An Emergency [Joyce Buckley]

Video Transcript

My name is Joyce Buckley, I'm from Brookings. And I love camping, fishing, family get-togethers, golf.

What brought you to the emergency room?

January 6th, I had a fall. I blacked out, never had happened to me. I kind of blew it off. And then March 6th, I had a second fall, and I looked in the mirror and I saw that it was swollen here. But by the morning I woke up on the 7th, God told me to go get checked out, my eye was swollen shut. My mother had passed away after a fall and had a brain bleed. So my neighbor drove me here to the ER and it just went from there.

How was your experience with the ER staff?

I couldn't get here quick enough and it just so happened my neighbor was leaving and could give me a ride here. Her son walked me into the ER. I sat down, he had to go to school. She took him to school so I was there by myself, but from the receptionist, to the first nurse, to the nurse's aid, to everyone, I was well taken care of. And they comforted me until my husband came and I was fine. I got checked in, they brought me a wheelchair and the nurses got going. And one held my hand while the other was putting in the line take some blood. She said, "Squeeze as hard as you want," and I did, poor thing. But the nurse got me a warm blanket. I mean, they comforted me. I'm not necessarily brave to go by myself, but I knew I had to. That's why I just loved them for being so caring and helpful.

How did the staff help you communicate with your husband?

It was perfect because my phone, for whatever reason, I could not reach him. So they brought a phone in to me. I was able to call my husband. He actually was at home checking on me when I told him I was at the ER. So he came up and waited and was able to take me home. So they did everything I needed to be taken care of.

How did the ER doctor make you feel comfortable?

Just his manner. Very kind, caring. Everyone was concerned for me. I was impressed that the ER doctor called my physician and spoke with her about my condition. I liked that he got a hold of my doc and they talked. Communication is so important.

Did you have a long wait to see the doctor?

I don't remember any wait times. I was comfortable. I was cared for and I had no anxiety about, "Oh, they gotta get me in there." I was fine. Very comfortable. I just have to say, we were in Canada, had an emergency, went to the ER, we waited eight hours to get in. And that was to take a hook out of my husband's thumb that took just seconds. When you're in an emergency, time is everything.

What was your diagnosis?

I have low blood pressure. When I get up from bed, I need to sit, relax, get my bearings. And then either hang onto something... I have a walker, I have a cane to go to the bathroom at night because those are the two times that this has happened. The good news is there was no brain bleed and there was no fractures, which really amazed me. And I'm so glad I had those tests done.

Why do you recommend Brookings Health System?

Very caring, very concerned. So, real people. No one was gruff or, "You're bothering me," or... I'm sorry, but there are some people like that, but not here. Why go anywhere else? I can't imagine driving an hour to go anywhere else. Just come here. Best care ever.

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