Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff Provide Seamless Care from Labor through Postpartum [Danielle Bonnema]

Video Transcript

My name is Danielle Bonnema. I'm from Brookings and my husband and I have lived here for about seven years. And I work in the personnel department at Daktronics. I have three daughters, Brinley who is 4, Ada who is 2, and Haven who is 2 weeks.

Why did you choose to deliver at Brookings Health System?

I had heard from other moms who had had a great experience and I also wanted to keep my care local because I live and work here.

Why were you nervous about changing doctors?

My first two daughters were delivered by Dr. Gudvangen and I loved him from care through delivery, so I was just nervous that whoever I chose as my next provider that they just wouldn't live up to his level of expertise.

How was your experience with Dr. Abele?

She quickly dissolved any fears that I had about switching or finding a new provider. She was very attentive and answered all my questions and was always so informative. And there was this one time that I distinctly remember I called in because I was sick on a day that she had off. So another provider provided me with some care and everything, but then the following day she followed up with me to see if there was anything that she could do or if she needed me to get checked out by her, which I thought was amazing. And I really appreciated that.

How did the staff support you?

Every single staff member on the labor and delivery team are very helpful and friendly, and willing to help with myself, my husband, and the baby. And what I really appreciated was they came in to do their rounds to check on us, but otherwise, they just let us have that alone time together uninterrupted and I just really appreciated that because that's your time with your baby those first few days.

How did you physicians and the team communicate with you?

They were very direct. I like to be told directly what needs to be done, you know, and information-wise, I like to know details or everything there is to know about it. But Dr. G. and Abele were just very informative and they told me directly like, "Nope. This is good for you. This is bad for you." There was no gray area kind of thing.

What did you appreciate most about your care?

They were very attentive to my needs. Anything that I...any worries that I was having throughout my pregnancy, they were quick to respond and put those anxieties at ease. I also really appreciated everybody on the labor and delivery floor as they were so helpful to my husband and I during the postpartum care and also to baby. They were very helpful in anything that we needed for her and just, they showed that they really cared for us while we were on the floor.

Did you have a birth plan?

I am very type-A personality, but when it came to that, I just kind of winged it, and everything went great and I truly believe it's because of Dr. G and Dr. Abele, that they were there coaching me the entire way, telling me what I needed to do. I didn't even feel like I needed any of the birth plan or the classes beforehand.

How is your postpartum recovery?

Really great. I mean, all three of my deliveries postpartum have been amazing, but specifically, this one has been amazing. I mean, since delivery I've been up and walking around and feeling great.

What advice do you give expecting mothers as they choose a provider?

To anyone who's weighing their options of a good provider, I would tell them to seriously consider Dr. Abele and the entire team at Brookings Health System. That moment or that experience is so precious that you wanna make sure that you have somebody that you trust, just somebody that will make the experience the most memorable for you.

Why would you recommend Brookings Health System?

I love labor and delivery. I know it sounds silly, but I love labor and delivery, and my husband and I refer to the postpartum care or the labor as like our spa days because the staff are all so friendly, the food is great, and the rooms are large and you have a Jacuzzi tub. My family and my friends who come to visit while we're in the hospital, they always comment on how big the rooms are in comparison to where they delivered. I mean, the care here that we receive is so great, we look forward to the food at the cafeteria, and it's just an all-around great experience.

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