FAQs about Medicare and Medicaid

Brookings Health System accepts Medicare Assignment Inpatient Stay. Medicare pays all but the Inpatient Deductible. For Outpatient Services, Medicare pays all but co-insurance and the deductible. Outpatient medications in the observation bed are not covered by Medicare.

If any other insurance is primary over Medicare, we must file other insurance (including liability insurance) before Medicare will pay on your claim.

Yes. Once we receive Medicare’s payment, the balance will be sent to your supplemental insurance company.

The Medicare Explanation of Benefits form is a statement from Medicare showing what you were charged for a service, what Medicare paid, and the amount due from you or your supplemental insurance company.

Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital stay, limited skilled nursing home care, and hospice care. Medicare Part B covers physician services and most hospital outpatient services.

The Medicare Explanation of Benefits is for your information. The hospital receives an Explanation of Benefits that we forward on to your supplemental insurance company for you.

We will bill you for any balance after we have received payment from Medicare and your supplemental insurance.

That will depend on what Medicare covers and what kind of Medicare supplemental insurance policy you have.