Expectant Parent Resources


We know it's probably difficult to answer questions upon admission. We encourage expectant parents to complete and submit a childbirth preregistration form as early as their first prenatal visit.

Birth Center Handbook

A guide to your labor and delivery experience at Brookings Health System.

Expectant parents checklist: What to bring to the hospital

Download a checklist of what to bring to the hospital. This checklist also includes information on when and where to come to the hospital at the time of delivery.

Birth Plan

Write down your wishes for your labor and delivery experience at New Beginnings Birth Center. All options are available to parents who deliver with us, including freedom to move during labor, pain relief options and infant feeding support.

Education Classes 

Brookings Health System offers classes several times a year to help prepare parents and families for the arrival of their infant and to provide assistance with breastfeeding.


May 28 Thursday

New Beginnings Baby Café Call-In

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

New Beginnings Baby Café is a FREE service from Brookings Health System and supports breastfeeding mothers in every aspect of nursing, from starting to weaning and every variation in between.

Breastfeeding Obstetrics

Prenatal Care

Your physician can easily and accurately monitor your care and your unborn child’s care right here in Brookings.

Search for a physician from our online physician finder to find a local physician who can provide expert prenatal care and accurately monitor you and your baby.

Breastfeeding Support

Brookings Health System offers support and information on breastfeeding your child. Services include breastfeeding classes before your baby is born, teaching and support from staff and lactation consultants during your stay at the hospital, and free New Beginnings Baby Cafe breastfeeding support sessions after you leave the hospital.